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Sencha touch predefined icons

Your own custom Sencha Touch theme and icons. Of course you’ll probably want to add your own custom icons to your Sencha Touch app at some point, so here are some resources for that: An introduction to theming Sencha Touch; Summary. If you needed a list of Sencha Touch 2 iconCls values, I hope this post has been helpful. I have placed the icon inside "App\touch\resources\images\" folder. I have used the icon config of the button to specify the path of the icon. On doing so, the icon is displayed on the screen but it is not fully shown. Kindly provide me suggestions to include custom icons rather than sencha default icons. Jun 20,  · You should be able to reference any icons you included in the package in the same way. That’s about it! If you’re unsure about anything in this tutorial feel free to leave a comment below. I’ve also generated a new Sencha Touch application with some custom icons .

Sencha touch predefined icons

[where do i find a list of the icons included by default. if there are in sencha touch css, you have to define your icon in a custom css like this. Sencha Touch 2 list of default iconCls values. By Alvin Alexander. Your own custom Sencha Touch theme and icons. Of course you'll. Sencha Touch uses fonts to render the applications icons which allows By default, there's a wide array of icons we can access – for a list of. And finally there are some really nice icons for panel header, named: tools. The default theme can be seen here. The Neptune ones are much nicer. Check the. Contribute to mgcrea/sencha-touch development by creating an account on @ var {string} $toolbar-icon-size Default size (width and height) for toolbar icons. */. IO-with-Sencha-Touch-2 development by creating an account on GitHub. Pictos icons are (c) Drew Wilson $tabs-bottom-icon-size: em!default; . /**. In Sencha Touch, we define the app's icons with the help of three tableIcon configs to define default icons for phone and tablet applications. Expand on our previous work with icons, including making your own custom . This code grabs all of the default Sencha Touch theme files and. Sencha Touch provides a means to define these icons in the Application configs to define default icons for phone and tablet applications. | ] Sencha touch predefined icons


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